Air Vent Motor Clutch Aftermarket Replacement for JLR# C2Z31321

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The beautiful rotating air vents in the Jaguar XF are one of those things that every non owner will comment on their first time in your vehicle. But nobody wants "wow, look at those!" to be followed up by "but why hasn't that one moved?".

Save yourself from this embarrassment by replacing the very common failure point of these vents. the small plastic clutch which regulates movement of the vents.

These parts are a faithful reproduction of the original Jaguar part number C2Z31321. Legend has it these parts are available from your JLR dealer for around £10 each, but let's be honest, nobody goes to the dealer for parts. Everyone then goes to eBay where you will seen be relieved of 20-30 of your hard earned pounds for a piece of plastic smaller than a 10p coin!

Not wanting to get caught out with this myself, I sat down over a few weeks and developed a reproduction part of this clutch which is running in my vehicle now. It is precisely the same part that JLR sell to within 0.01mm in all dimensions and will bring back that lovely air vent swoosh in no time!

These are available exclusively from Z-Tech for £4.00 each, or two for £7.00!


  • The colour of the part you receive may vary. The original part shown in the product images is an off-white, the reproduction part is in green here purely for ease of showing the aftermarket part vs the Jaguar official part.
  • The item is supplied with fitting instructions that deal with the vent and clutch assembly only, not for removing the vent from your dashboard. Plenty of guides online can be found for dashboard disassembly and a useful guide for fitting the new clutch piece is shown below.
  • As previously mentioned, this is an aftermarket part and NOT an official JLR part. The photos of the official part and the JLR part number are shown for comparison purposes and to satisfy you that this part will fix your issue.