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All GT edition 350z's come with a BOSE stereo however these cars are a little lacking in terms of technology and don't support Bluetooth audio streaming, even with the optional Bluetooth car kit as A2DP audio steaming isn't supported by the car kit even!

I have overcome this and you can now bring your Z a little more up-to-date and stream audio to the BOSE head unit for a tiny price!

The unit has some pretty cool features such as;

Compatible With OEM Bluetooth System - If you have the OEM Bluetooth module in your Z, this will still work as expected. Your phone calls will still be answerable on your steering wheel controls and work as normal, only music audio will stream to this new module, you just pair your phone with the 2 things. Music audio (for clarity) is anything aside from phone calls, such as YouTube, Spotify, in-built MP3 player etc.

Compatible With Aux-In Hack - If you already have done the Aux hack, a popular mod on this stereo, this is compatible, both hacks work together. You should really only use 1 input at a time of course unless you enjoy hearing two audio streams at the same time, but it gives you flexibility to choose which one you want to use. 

Quick Pairing - The module doesn’t have a Bluetooth PIN. When you first receive the module, it will be in pairing mode. You just find the device on your phone, tap on it and, you’re paired! If you want to let your friend stream to it or if you have another device, you just disconnect or turn off your Bluetooth on the first device and it will go back to pairing mode (mode changes are signified by beeps, so you know it’s worked). As a bonus, from ignition on in the car, if your phone is already paired to the module you will be connected and ready to stream in 4 seconds B) .

Cool Display Name - When you search for a Bluetooth device, your phone will show the name of discovered devices. This module will be called “350z Bluetooth Audio” in the devices list.


NOTE: Installation is pretty simple, but you will need access to a soldering iron! 



1x BOSE Bluetooth Module

Scotch Loc Connectors

Fitting guide delivered digitally to your inbox once your order is dispatched!


Vehicle Compatibility

350z DE, Rev-Up & HR with Bose stereo.

G35 with Bose stereo