Smart VDC & TCS Disable Module

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Modern Z cars have Traction control as standard, this can be temporarily disabled by pressing the TCS button under the steering wheel, but it comes back on again next time you start the car.

They also have what Nissan call Vehicle Dynamic Control. The VDC system controls the brakes to help prevent wheels from slipping. Whilst for road use this is all well and good, it means for things like track days or drift events, or even just some "spirited driving" that if you're really pushing the limits, the car can apply brakes on individual wheels to correct what it perceives to be an upcoming spin or loss of traction. This can be unsettling and therefore it can be desirable to remove this 'safety' feature. Sadly this cannot be disabled with the button under the steering wheel.

Various methods exist for doing this such as pulling fuses, but they're all a bit lacking. They all disable your brake lights and also some disable your ABS which you don’t want.

This is a custom PCB and circuit which automatically disables BOTH the TCS and VDC features on the car at the simple press of a button but leaves your ABS system alone.

The clever part is it remembers if you disabled them and will automatically disable them for you next time you start the car. Great if you're doing a track day and have a few sessions booked!

It doesn't trigger any check engine lights and doesn't interfere with any other features on the car.

As a bonus for 370z owners, the car will still start in key-less mode which also doesn't work if you just pull the fuse like other guides on the internet will tell you to do.

Tools Required

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Soldering iron & solder (Optional but recommended)
  • Wire Crimpers (Or pliers if not)
  • Mole Grips (Optional)
  • Electrical Insulation Tape
  • Small flat blade screwdriver
  • Small Cable ties (Optional)


1x Custom hand built module, complete with all required wires and a 3D printed enclosure

1x Scotch Loc Connector

1x LED Button

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Vehicle Compatibility

350z All Variants, Manual or Auto Gearbox

370z All Variants, Manual or Auto Gearbox