Smart VDC & TCS Disable with Magical Burnout Mod

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All modern factory Z cars have a system built in so that when the vehicle is moving (and in gear) you cannot use the brake and throttle at the same time. The engine RPM's get cut and fall away. This means that if you're trying to do a standing burnout, such as tire warming at the drag strip, you cant. Also if you're running a turbo, you cant brake boost. This mod changes all of that. 

The existing methods in the scene involve cutting a wire on the ECU which is the "brake input" signal. But there's an issue with this. After a certain amount of time of seeing no brake signal, the ECU figures out something has to be wrong and throws a CEL, disabling the cruise control until this is cleared. 

You can also remove a fuse in the car, but this stops your brake lights and ABS from working, so this too is far from ideal. 

This module allows you, at the push of a button to disable this lockout 'feature' as well as fully disable the Traction Control and Vehicle Dynamic Control safety features of the car.

The clever part is the module remembers if you disabled these features and will automatically disable them for you next time you start the car. Great if you're doing a track day and have a few sessions booked!

It doesn't trigger any check engine lights, ever, and doesn't interfere with any other features on the car.

Tools Required

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Soldering iron & solder (Optional but recommended)
  • Wire Crimpers (Or pliers if not)
  • Mole Grips (Optional)
  • Electrical Insulation Tape
  • Small flat blade screwdriver
  • Small Cable ties (Optional)


1x Custom hand built module, complete with all required wires and a 3D printed enclosure

1x Scotch Loc Connector

1x LED Button

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Vehicle Compatibility

350z All Variants, Manual Gearbox's Only

370z All Variants, Manual Gearbox's Only