Pulse 3D Headset Solid Colour Wrap

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Change the boring white headband to something more customisable and bright. 

These two piece stickers are extremely easy to apply taking mere minutes to completely transform the look of your Pulse 3D Headset & tie it into your PS5 theme or room.

Made from UV Fade resistant premium vinyl with a water based adhesive meaning no sticky residue when/if you decide to remove.


When applying, start by aligning the curved piece which wraps over the ear cups. Ensure this is perfectly aligned before carefully pressing down on the remainder of the vinyl following the curves of the headband.

Due to the complex curves, you may wish to use a heat gun or a hair dryer once applied to further soften the glue and ensure a good bond to the headband.

It is critical the headband is free of dust, dirt and oils before applying the sticker otherwise it will not stay adhered. Clean this with some hot soapy water (fairy liquid) on a damp sponge first then let it air dry before applying.