PS5 Faceplate Decal for Aftermarket Faceplates - Retro Colours

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If you went "whole-hog" on your PS5 and replaced it with one of the many full replacement shells, you may have been disappointed to learn that your new facia didn't have the PS logo on the side of it!

If you wish to have this cool little logo back, well now you can! This is a PS logo decal made to the same dimensions as the one on the OEM Sony faceplate, however its designed with these aftermarket faceplates from DBrand etc in mind.

Unlike the other designs on my store, this version goes on top of the faceplate to return that PS logo to its rightful place

The sticker is easily removable due to its water based glue which leaves no sticky residue if you wish to sell the console in the future in stock form and in no way voids or affects your console's warranty.

The supplied Decal is for aftermarket faceplates ONLY that do not have the logo cutout. It is in no way compatible with the OEM Sony faceplate!