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Board of the retro style logos and want something more futuristic for your PS5's logo recess? Why not snap up one of these awesome dark black holographic decals! These let you add a beautifully subtle bit of shine to your console. Normally dark, when hit with light the sticker shows a lovely rainbow of colours.

These decal's apply to a recess in the PS5's body underneath the faceplate which is easily removable with no tools and no fuss as can be seen in the video below.

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The sticker is easily removable due to its water based glue which leaves no sticky residue if you wish to sell the console in the future in stock form and in no way voids or affects your console's warranty.

The supplied Decal goes under the PS5's removable faceplate, not on-top of it. Please follow the video linked above for removal of the faceplate.