PS5 Centre Carbon Fibre Effect Wrap

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Change the boring black centre band to something more customisable and bright. 

These three piece stickers are extremely easy to apply taking mere minutes to completely transform the look of your console.

Made from UV Fade resistant premium vinyl with a water based adhesive meaning no sticky residue when/if you decide to remove.


When applying, start by aligning the centre piece first with the USB-A Plug (the large one). Align the cutout up with the USB slot on the console and then apply.

Next, apply the bottom piece, aligning it up with the USB-C slot, then ensure the buttons are in their cutouts and then apply the remainder which folds down and underneath the console.

Lastly, apply the top piece by matching up the cut lines from the Centre piece and apply towards the top of the console.

It is critical the centre band is free of dust, dirt and oils before applying the sticker otherwise it will not stay adhered. Clean this with some quickly evaporating cleaner such as a mobile phone screen cleaner or window cleaner first then let it air dry before applying.