New Product Day - Courtesy Flasher!

New Product Day - Courtesy Flasher!

With plenty of time at home as of late due to the whole virus thing, ive been picking up older abandoned projects that i merely ran out of time to complete but i saved for a "rainy day". Today marks the launch of one of these, the Courtesy Flasher module.

Almost all modern cars have a courtesy flasher feature, this is the 3 blinks the indicators give you if you briefly tap the indicator stalk, useful for lane changes and what not.

This new module simply adds that functionality to the 350z. 

Its super simple to install, theirs no soldering required and you only need to snip two easily identifiable wires, add on a couple of terminals and you're away!

If you use the indicators as normal then the module acts as though it isn't there, but briefly tap the stalk for less than half a second and you'll get 3 flashes in whatever direction you asked for.

Its designed in a safe way too. If the module ever fails, the design of it is such that your indicators will still function without any issues until the fault can be fixed. It is also very simple to revert if you ever needed too, as the instructions tell you to apply the new connectors in such a way that you can unplug the module and connect the OEM wiring back together, again, without any soldering!

I only have a couple of these in stock currently as the module is in my "trial" phase before i decide if its worth building up a bunch to keep in stock. As of right now, i have three ready to go, so get those orders in if you want one!

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