Magical Burnout Box - Product Highlight

Magical Burnout Box - Product Highlight

So, with the launch of this new site to better sell my products, i will occasionally be doing product highlights to further discuss or show off products that are for sale, the first one i want to discuss is the infamous "Magical Burnout Box"!

If you're like me, you love seeing cars turn their tyres to smoke. I dont know what it is, its just appealing to the kid inside us all. This module lets you do that!

Despite the Z's being sports cars, for whatever reason, Nissan decided they didn't want their owners having to much fun, so if you've ever tried to do a burnout, you'll know or soon realise the car stops you. In an essence, if the ECU realises that you're on the brakes and the throttle, it will cut ignition so that your RPM's dont rise, this means no burnouts for you.

There are many many ways around this. The internet is full of guides on forums saying to pull this fuse, cut that wire and what not, but they all dont work correctly for a road going vehicle.

Pulling a Fuse

You can full a multi link fuse in the engine bay to achieve this. The downside to this is that firstly you have to stop, get out, pull the fuse, not loose it and remember to put it back. Second and more importantly it kills your ABS and your brake lights. Many "Drift Days" at tracks require brake lights, so this is a no-no.

Cutting a Wire

You can alternative go to your ECU and cut the ACDS Brake Signal wire. This will work, but eventually the car realises that you haven't braked in a really really long time and it will throw a CEL on your dashboard and disable cruise control.

So you see why i designed this module and why its so popular!

The install time takes around 60-90 mins depending on your experience. You need only basic tools, no soldering irons. The fanciest thing that i recommend is a good set of wire crimpers for adding the bullet crimps on, but you can get by with pliers in a pinch.

This mod is perfect if you have a road & track focused Z or if you enjoy drifting (yes, you can brake into corners whilst maintaining throttle with this mod).

It comes with a fully featured, colour instructions guide, full installation support and newly compatible with the 370z! So why delay?! Get one today and start having fun like this very happy customer!